William H. Nesse


I am a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Utah Department of Mathematics. I maintain both academic and commercial pursuits. My academic research studies how the biophysical dynamics of the nervous system processes information. My business, Longtail Consulting, provides data mining and probabilistic modelling solutions for commercial applications.

Students can contact me at nesse at math dot utah dot edu

Non-students can contact me at nesse at longtailconsulting dot net



Recent Publications

Biophysical information representation in temporally correlated spike trains (2010). William H. Nesse, Leonard Maler, Andre Longtin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 107(51): 21973-21978 (free pdf)

The Kinetics of Fast Short-term Depression are Matched to Spike Train Statistics to Reduce Output Noise. (2010) Reza Khanbabaie, William Nesse, Andre Longtin, and Leonard Maler. Journal of Neurophysiology 103(6): 3337 (free pdf)

Relative Spike Timing in Stochastic Oscillator Networks of the Hermissenda Eye. (2010) William H. Nesse, Gregory A. Clark Biological Cybernetics 102(5):389-412 (open access pdf)

Complete list of publications here

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